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1   Link   American Theatre Organ Society (ATOS)
A link to the American Theatre Organ Society's web site. Lots of information about theatre organ in the USA and around the world.
2   Link   The Cinema Organ Society
The Cinema Organ Society in the UK
3   Link   Theatre Organs Under the Southern Cross
A privately run website with information about theatre organs south of the equator.
4   Link   Peter Beames' Wurlitzer Opus List
A collection of information from around the world about Wurlitzer theatre organs and some history.
5   Link   Rod Blackmore's Australasian Theatre Organs
An excellent website with information about theatre organs around Australia - including their orginal location and known history
6   Link   Meet the TOSA NSW theatre organs
A 10 minute documentary made by one of our members and chief video guy, Russell Smith explaining about theatre organs. This story features our two Wurlitzers - Marrickville and Campsie. Opens Youtube to watch the video.
7   Link   The Organ Forum
An internet forum for owners, players, technicians of all types of organs. US based
8   Link   What is a theatre organ?
Watch this short youtube video to learn about and hear a theatre organ. Made by TOSA Qld.
9   Link   Association for the Appreciation and the Promotion of the Christie Organ
A group in Paris France maintaining and restoring a Christie theatre organ
10   Link   TOSA NSW Facebook Page
Our presence on Facebook